We are in need of  20 crew to help with the ground coordination and photography of the Human Peace Sign. You will receive a Peace Crew T-shirt 
Being "Crew" means you are willing to help with the logistics.
There are a variety of tasks that you can sign up for.
"Peace Shepards" Help keep the peace sign shape by directing people to stand on markers and open umbrellas, hoot and hollar for the 2:30 photo.
"Flower People" Distribute flower umbrellas and give instructions
"On Green Geeks" Help register people who participate and want a photo of the Human Peace Sign emailed to them. (Sit in front of a laptop outside and take people's names and email address.)
"Garden Keepers" the PEACE FLOWER GARDEN (open between 10am-2pm) where umbrella painting will be open to all people of all ages and abilities. 
"Peace Peepers" walk around and shoot photos of people, umbrellas and interesting looking occurances on your camera with a SD disk or can upload by USB by 3pm to our MAC on the Green.

It is a 2 hour gig   May 1st, 2011, 1 to 3:00pm.
Sign in at 12PM @ the 10Ants RV on the Green.

Crew members help guide people to marks on the ground to stand on. Make sure people are not meandering outside the circumference of the circle, inside and out. You are like a shepherd. And you get a great Peace Crew t-shirt.  You will get a stipend, based on the amount of funding raised. So pass this along, pre-order a $5 photo of the areal image. 
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